March 2020, The Today Will Be Great Foundation began a month of memorable memories.  On Friday, March 7 we were honored to be a part of Liberty High School’s Scholarship Night in Brentwood.  A giant shout out to Kyle Roman and his production of A Chorus Line.  

March 2020
March 2020

Then on Saturday March 8th,  the foundation was very excited to be part of East County Little League’s opening day in Oakley.  Our foundation sponsored their first team.  As many knew, softball was a huge part of Kelsey’s life.  

March 2020

East County Little leagues, Mike Cutshaw and some of the board of directors, came out on Thursday, March 12 to lend a helping hand to our 3rd annual fundraiser at Sabrina’s Pizzeria in Oakley.  Our community came together for a fun filled and energetic evening .  Laughter, love and many wonderful prizes were raffled off.  Our 50/50 winner, followed in last year’s heart of kindness by donating his winnings back to the foundation.  I can’t express enough to Paul & Kim, owners of Sabrina’s Pizzeria and their staff.  As always service and hospitality was top notch!!  Our community near and far ROCKS! 

Unfortunately right after, the COVID-19 left many of us homebound.  We hope to be back on the dirt soon and feel very blessed to have had these festivities prior to this current pandemic.  May each of your families be well and safe. 

Today Will Be Great

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